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Dr. Spiess and Dr. Timmer

"Before I came in for treatment the pain was excruciating! I had pain in my legs and calfs. The pain lasted about three months. I tried pain pills, muscle relaxants and phyical therapy, but that didn't work at all. I couldn't sleep, I didn't have much of a life at that point. My chiropractic care from Dr. Spiess was the only thing that worked. I had success with the Spinal Decompression, I believe it helped me alot. I would recommend Spinal Decompression to anyone suffering from back pain."

- Cheryl L.

"My pain began with sciatica in Feburary of 2008 and then spread into my back. It was so horrible that there were times that I just wanted to scream! The pain was ruining my life. I could no longer do gardening, shop, sit comfortably, work on my crafts or sleep well. I was so miserable that soicalizing was out of the question. The pain was 24/7 and there was no relief. I was unable to stand up straight and I was walking bent over. I even had to purchase a walker because I couldn't get around without it.

In August I saw a flyer in the newspaper for a free consultation for the Spinal Decompression Program. I met with Dr. Christopher Timmer, just wonderful. He has been compassionate, genuinely caring, encouraging and supportive. The Spinal Decompression program is a miracle, it has saved my life! After the first treamtent, I put away my walker and have not used it since. After the first week of my treatments, I was standing up straight, walking normally. It has far exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to have the pain relieved to a level where I could function normally, but the pain is completely gone! I would absolutely recommend the Spinal Decompression program to anyone suffering. I have even recommended it to complete strangers with the hope that they will consult with Dr. Timmer and begin treatments so that their pain might be relieved as mine has been. My back always feels great and I feel uplifted and ready to face the day with a positive attitude when I leave the office."

- Diane S.

"I was suffering with severe lower back pain for the last 6 months until I met Dr. Spiess. The pain kept me from leaving my home. I spent most of my time in bed, I couldn't sit up or stand for very long. It was so severe that I couldn't drive, work, sleep or travel. I tried medication and other chirpractors to relieve my pain, but nothing seemed to work. My MD referred me to Dr. Spiess' office. I began the Spinal Decompression program, immeditatley I felt relief! I have had great success with the Spinal Decompression progam, so much success that I would recommend it to anyone sufferering with pain. Dr.Spiess is a good Chiropractor."

- Bill T.

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